In astrophysics the “observable universe” is recognized as a celestial sphere containing all matter that can be presently viewed from Earth. As humans, we make conscious and subconscious decisions regarding the extent to which we contemplate our world beyond our immediate natural and constructed environments. This series explores our individual and collective relationships with astrophysical environments, the macro and micro spaces that surround them, and photographic terrain encompassing art and science. This has led me to me to consider the tangible spaces we inhabit near and amongst each other and how our existence is paralleled by the infinitely far-reaching horizontal and vertical axes of Earth, the atmosphere, and cosmos.

To record these environments I use a 7” x 17” ultra large format view camera. It is only during the darkroom process after hand developing the film and contact printing the negative, that I begin to understand the environment I’ve photographed as well as what has not been recorded on the negative. I consider the Charles and Ray Eames American short film “Powers of Ten” and Buckminster Fuller’s concept of “Spaceship Earth.” Ultimately it is with the application of memory, chemistry, and a desire to communicate the evidence of time on a singular sheet of photographic paper that allows the past, present, and future to emerge. 
The images in “North America” and “upstate” are at once independent portfolios and also function together as a visual synthesis of macro and micro, public and private, narratives and spaces.


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