Traveling with an 8” x 10” large-format view camera throughout the United States, this long-term project investigates personal and collective Utopias that challenge and reflect the current concepts of science, artifact, environment, and indexical code using the framework of the Cold War-era rocket ship playgrounds.
I question the paralleling ideology behind the symbolic solidarity of the iconic rocket structure remains and the ever-evolving landscape of people who simultaneously hold close the concept of hope while reduced to existing in survival mode in country that currently resembles a post-Cold War science fiction reality, shaped and structured by catastrophic events and political agendas and outcomes. I have continued to return to many of the towns and regions where the 25 foot/8 meter rocket structures still exist working as an archaeologist making visual field notes of environmental and social signifiers that contribute to the oscillating narratives of a civilization attempting a sustainable existence in which the typology encompasses. This selection of photographs is from the first volume of work spanning three presidential administrations beginning with G. W. Bush, continuing through Obama, and concluding within the election year of 2020.