Existing between the technological sublime and memento mori these individual hand-built sculptures replicating the Cold War-era rocket ships that appear in the accompanying photographic series are constructed with paper, balsa, metal, and acrylic paint. Rather than assuming the comportment of precise architectural models they function as ritualistic sequels. Long after experiencing and documenting them in situ, I built them from the photographs during a time when the pandemic dictated I remain in my apartment in one of the hardest hit areas on the island of Manhattan. One by one, I transitioned to photographing the sculptures in my studio at home on a velvet lined stage with expired 8” x 10” film meant for the outdoors. With the last exposed sheet of film crashing down in the processing tank and left in the developer for too long, 16 images emerged rather than the intended 17 and the project revealed its completed state as a set of artifacts.